White Vermont Quartzite Slab
Super white quartzite slab
Natural quartzite slab
natural quartzite instead of marble
Superwhite durable slab

White Vermont Quartzite Slab - Available in Polished finished

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Some people are confused what "White Vermont" or "Super white" really is. Some stone companies mentioned it as the quartzite and is as durable as granite....but some else has mentioned it more like marble and not recommended for kitchen counter! Don't get yourself confuse about the names! There are some Grey Marble similar (such as:Grigio Nuvolato) that some companies named them Superwhite or White Vermont.

Always ask a specialist! Marble, Quartzite as well as all the other natural stones come from earth and they have similar minerals. Depends to amount of each minerals their durability will change.  

Super White (also known as White Vermont) is a quartzite--which is a natural stone, NOT to be confused with man-made quartz. Quartzite is harder than granite, and also has properties similar to granite. So staining is not much of a concern. It is a good alternative for those who want the look of marble without the maintenance. It still has to be sealed about once a year (just as you would with granite) and you should clean it with a stone cleaner only.

Natural Quartzite are usually wide and it’s common to find slabs more than 70 inches wide.  Wide slabs are a huge benefit for kitchens with sprawling angles since they usually mean fewer seams.