About Us

Top Quartz Brands offers a high quality, unique selection of luxury and finest products for residential and commercial settings.

Top Quartz Brands created by educated & experienced designers with creative minds. We select all you need to touch up your space in a way that really brings out your personality. We can help bring your vision to life.

 Interior design, Decoration Services

Top Quartz Brands offers professional Architecture, Interior design and Decorating design services.Top Quartz Brands works with educated & experienced designers with creative minds. At Top Quartz Brands, we cater our service to the specific requests of our clients and go out of our way to making sure that the work we do is a reflection of their own tastes and preferences. Contact us today at seeing what we can do for your space!

We only work with the best professionals because our reputation and customer service is our priority goal. 

Pre-Construction Consulting

Top Quartz Brands can introduce you to the best Fabricators, Installers, Builders, General Contractors and Constructors. You can set an appointment on www.lilzray.org website for FREE pre-construction consulting and based on your project needs we can refer you to the most specialized and expert person or team of construction.


How can you see the collection?

1) Online Availability 

  Technology is driving changes in consumer shopping behavior. Surprisingly,  it’s not necessarily the convenience of being able to click a few buttons to have products shipped to your door that consumers said was most appealing: it's the opportunity to collect the best from all over the world. At Top Quartz Brands our clients are come from around the world and it's the most convenient way for people with busy schedules. A team member will video call you and show you the items per your request. You can ask your online shop assistance to zoom out and zoom in with the high-quality camera and show you all the details. All your questions will be answered and you can purchase from the comfort of your home.

 2) Visit our slab yards

  We also have in store services for our dear clients. Contact us and set an appointment. A team member will assist you to show you entire slab yard and answer all your questions. Top Quartz Brands will ensure you reach your maximum satisfaction with your purchase.