Modul Marble

Throughout our history, pieces of this ancient knowledge have been quietly revealed to those who have attuned their eyes to see and ears to hear. Many of us tend to walk through life half asleep, at times numbed, if not deadened to the exquisite order that surrounds us.

But a trail of clues to that mystery has always been there for the open-minded, the sensitive and the enthusiasts.

The secretive tradition centers on a study of numbers, harmony, geometry, and cosmology that stretches back through the mists of time, back to the Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Indian and Chinese cultures.

There are many names for this mysterious section, but originally it was known as AUREA PROPORTION. This proportion can be found in nature, in the human body, throughout the galaxies, and it can be calculated mathematically.

Over the course of history, humankind has discovered and rediscovered this concept on different occasions

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